Helene Duhamel


Helene is a Rapid City girl who left for college, but has virtually spent her entire life in Rapid City. The family business brought her to broadcasting and she devoted 30 years to KOTA television as an anchor, reporter and producer. After a couple of years with several new owners, Helene moved to the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office to bring her communications skills and video expertise to law enforcement, the Pennington County Jail, Western South Dakota Juvenile Services Center and City/County Alcohol & Drug Programs. She says her work is challenging and rewarding!

Helene rode the bus, Classroom on Wheels, in the summer of 2015. She did a multi-part series for KOTA Territory News. That’s how she became a Mniluzahan Okolakicipyapi Ambassador who works to bridge cultures between Native and non-Native people in the Black Hills. She’s made many friends and learned much about the history of this area, and shared that with the viewers of the region.

Relationships and communication are critical. They open a lot of doors and ease misunderstanding.
— Helene Duhamel, MOA Ambassador