Bridging cultures in Rapid City.
Because relationships matter.


For the ambassadors of Mniluzahan Okolakiciyapi,
relationships matter.
So too does history.

From the very start of our work to bridge cultures between Native and non-Native people in the Black Hills region, we have stood together, on equal footing, to find understanding amidst a complex and storied history, discover commonalities within our differences, set a positive and productive tone for hard conversations, and celebrate who we are as a culturally rich community.

Ambassadors seek to create safe spaces in which our community can share openly and honestly. We share amongst one another a desire—and personal responsibility—to live by example so that systemic change through leadership can take root in our community.  


All of us want the same thing: humanity. MOA connects people in our community—offering a network of empathetic, compassionate community members who continue to educate themselves, and one another, about the moments in our history that have torn us apart as a community, rather than brought us together as a people.

When two people start to talk with one another, good things can happen. By creating authentic, safe spaces for dialogue among two people or 200, we facilitate difficult conversations that offer a path toward healing, truth, and bringing out the very best in humanity.


Be part of our work.


Mniluzahan Okolakiciyapi Ambassadors recognize the fact that the baseline of things that create systemic inequality are deep in communities here in Rapid City, and all across our country. By participating in broader conversations within our community, always within the context of the work, we can get to the heart of understanding how we grow stronger together. Find out how you can be part of the movement.

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