Julie Schmitz Jensen


Julie Jensen is from Bonesteel, SD. She is the President/CEO of Visit Rapid City. Her involvement with MOA began approximately three years ago when she and Karen Mortimer decided our community could do a better job of hosting the Lakota Nation Invitational and the Black Hills Pow Wow, two very important, cultural events held in Rapid City.  

Since that time, we have had an outpouring of goodwill and support from the local business community which in turn has made our relationship with these events’ Boards so much better. The level of respect and pride which everyone feels is immeasurable.

Native Americans represent 20% of the population in Rapid City - both Native and Non-native people need to understand each other’s culture better and this happens by having meaningful dialogue and interaction. MOA has provided the forums for this.  

When we feel safe sharing our stories and expressing our first-hand experiences, we bridge the gap.  I know Rapid City is a better city due to the work of MOA, and I look forward to continuing that progress.
— Julie Schmitz Jensen, MOA Ambassador