Lindsey Crazy Bull Compton


Hau Mitakuyapi. Iyuha cante waste nape ciyuzapi yelo. Lindsey Crazy Bull Compton emaciyapi. Ate wayekin Harold (Crazy Bull) Compton na Ina wayekin Marty Jones na Sicangu Lakota ematahan.

Lindsey Crazy Bull Compton grew up on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation. Her parents, Harold (Crazy Bull) Compton and Marty Jones worked for Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Services throughout her youth. Lindsey is a single mother of two sons.

Lindsey attended both Sinte Gleska University and Oglala Lakota college before finishing her degree in Indigenous Liberal Studies from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe. Lindsey currently works as an adjunct professor for Oglala Lakota College and holds a Lakota Language Teacher certificate. Lindsey has a career in education, and also currently works for Rapid City Area Schools Title VII Indian Education.

Lindsey believes that the work of MOA can help strengthen the Rapid City community and provide a legitimate platform to help promote emergent leadership.

“Part of the effectiveness of MOA is connecting community organizations; as ambassadors, we are able network and streamline valuable resources to provide for those who would benefit most. Acknowledging the Native presence and voices within our community is a crucial role in genuine healing and defining our own success, and MOA helps to support this ideology.”