Marnie Herrmann


Marnie Herrmann is Senior Executive Vice President and Director of Marketing for Security First Bank. She is a member of the corporate management team, and is responsible for public relations and communications, along with shared responsibilities in retail services, product development and customer service. She and her husband, Douglas, have two adult daughters--Kelly and Kacey.

Marnie’s community service work includes board positions with the Black Hills Area Community Foundation, Youth and Family Services and the YFS Foundation, and the Mt. Rushmore Society. She is past chairwoman of the Chamber of Commerce in Rapid City, and past member of YFS and the Rapid City Convention and Visitors Bureau boards of directors. Marnie is a co-spokesperson for Mniluzahan Okolakiciyapi Ambassadors and recently began co-hosting the Black Hills Forum and Press Club.

Marnie believes that in times of crisis and celebration, relationships are the social glue that hold families, businesses, communities and nations together. 

“MOA’s  fundamental purpose is to help establish relationships among Native and non-Native people in Rapid City. And it’s working. Rapid City is getting better at celebrating together, and we are getting better at working through difficult issues as well--because of relationships formed through MOA.”