Pam Teaney Thomas


President of Thomas Consulting, Pam Teaney Thomas provides expertise in leadership development, strategic planning, personal growth, community engagement and team building for communities, non-profits, businesses, educational institutes and government entities. She guides her clients into finding new ways of becoming better at what they do and engage the people who care. Pam is currently a coach, an artist, a teacher, a counselor, a community organizer, a speaker and a consultant; she enjoys variety in her life. Pam was a 2012 Bush Fellow; she attended Harvard’s Kennedy School on Leadership and focused her fellowship on extensive research on leadership development, personal growth, authentic engagement and impactful connections in a meaningful community of practice.

Pam believes that, in a country where we seem to be becoming more divided around difference, we need people, both native and nonnative, coming together. She thinks that MOA’s work is making great progress in that direction.

“I have lived in Rapid City all of my life, and this effort and process has been an amazing experience. I’ve personally watched the transformation of individuals and community as the relationships and the work emerge into a network of new possibilities and friendships. We are truly getting it right this time and we will become an inspiration for other communities.”