Executive Proclamation

Rapid City, South Dakota

Office of the Mayor

WHEREAS, On this Native American Day we gather together to honor all of the children who attended and who passed away at the Rapid City Indian Boarding School; and

WHEREAS, The existence of the Indian Boarding School in Rapid City is a difficult piece of history to address, especially considering the children were the ones who ultimately suffered from its existence; and

WHEREAS, Although difficult, it is our responsibility, and obligation in memory of these children, to continue addressing the controversial decisions made in our community’s past, which continue to trouble our present; and

WHEREAS, While we are unable to change the past, we are able to face the difficult truths head-on through honest dialogue and collaboration in an effort to forge a better tomorrow for all children in this community.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Steve Allender, Mayor of Rapid City, do hereby proclaim Monday, October 8, 2018, as

The Day of the Grandmothers

Unci Tha-anpetu 

In Rapid City in honor of the grandmothers who have carried this piece of history and honored the memory of the children lost for generations.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, Steve Allender, Mayor of the City of Rapid City, South Dakota, do hereby affix my official signature and the Official Seal of the City of Rapid City, South Dakota, on this 8th day of October, 2018.

Steve Allender, Mayor
Rapid City, South Dakota