Trust Matters -A Reflection on Two Years

By Karen Mortimer

Many people in our community—Native and non-Native alike—are still living the experiences that they lived 50 years ago… some even longer. There are issues of trust at the forefront of many of our challenges. MOA is learning that developing authentic, trusting relationships… takes time.

Two years ago a group of community leaders started a journey to learn about and understand the history of this place we call home.  

Two years ago the seeds of new relationships were planted.

MOA is addressing the lack of and broken relationships between the Native American and non-Natives in Rapid City…No small task!

The years between 2015-2017 are sprinkled with creative actions, fresh connections and new relationships between the Native and non-Native people of Rapid City. There are several groups actively working and projects are coming together…A start!  

There are more questions than answers.

What’s next Rapid City?

We have people from law enforcement, health care, business, education and the non-profit world engaged.
Will more people engage?
What would it take to deepen our conversations?
Can we build trust with one another?

Let’s try!

Karen Mortimer